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Athlete at Heart - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Athlete at Heart events and screenings.

Is this a physical or well-child check?

Athlete at Heart includes a sport-specific screening that exceeds the North Carolina High School Athletic Association regulations for sports participation. Athlete at Heart screenings are not a physical and do not take the place of an annual well-child check or physical.

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Why is this being offered at the end of the school year, instead of the beginning?

Athlete at Heart is designed to provide time for a student-athlete to receive any needed medical follow-ups before summer workouts begin.

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Can my son/daughter attend at any time during the day?

No. Schools will have designated screening times, which will be released to the school’s athletic director.

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What if I have a conflict with the designated date for my school?

Please contact the Sports Medicine Center via email or phone to dsiscuss the situation. Alternative arrangements may be made to accomadate individual conflicts.

What is an ECG?

An ECG, or electrocardiogram, is a completely painless, non-invasive test which evaluates the health of your heart. It measures heart rate and electrical activity and only takes about three minutes.

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What is an ECHO?

An ECHO, or echocardiogram, is a completely painless, non-invasive ultrasound to look at the structure of the heart. it can be helpful in clarifying abnormalities seen on ECG, history or physical exam

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Will a diagnosis be made based on my child’s screening EKG and ECHO?

Yes. Cardiologists read the results of the screening in real time. If your child needs additional follow-up, you may request a copy of the results and they can be sent to your physician.

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If my child’s ECG and ECHO are normal, does this mean they have a healthy heart?

Yes, to the best of this screening programs ability to detect heart abnormalities. No screening test is perfect.

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What does it mean if my child’s screening indicates that further evaluation is needed?

It may indicate the presence of a serious condition that may require further follow-up testing and treatment by a physician.

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Will additional testing be needed?

Your child’s physician will determine the need for further testing and treatment.

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What if I do not have a physician?

Athlete at Heart assists families with finding a primary care physician and/or specialist for any follow-up testing.

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How soon should I have my child see a physician?

If your child’s results show further evaluation is needed, you should have your child examined by your family physician within two weeks of being notified of the results of the screening; however they should not participate in physical activity until evaluated.

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If my child’s screening indicates the need for follow-up evaluation and testing with a physician, does that mean he/she has a life-threatening condition?

Possibly. There is a chance of “false positive” findings; however, Athlete at Heart will assist in follow-up information.

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Who are my child’s results shared with?

Your child’s health information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your child’s health information is only shared with you and officials at their school, to assure they have received the annual required sports screening.

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What if I choose not to allow my child’s information to be shared with a school?

At this time, we may only screen participants who allow information to be shared with a child’s designated school.

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When and how will I receive the results of the screening?

All results are sent directly back to your son/daughter’s designated school. If there is any need for follow-up, you will be contacted by an Athlete at Heart representative. At the completion of the screening, each student athlete will be give a colored card indicatiing the results of the physcial.

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